7 Things To Do When You Finish Finals

Ah. The lovely sense of completion when you turn in your last project/finish your last final/have no more academic responsibilities for a semester.

That sense of completion is immediately followed by consternation about what to do next. I have some ideas for you.

  1. Sleep. Chances are, you stayed up late studying/working and you should take a nap. Even if you didn’t stay up late last night, you are probably chronically sleep deprived because college.
  2. Read the book you’ve been putting off. Reading something that’s not on a syllabus is delightfully freeing. Dig into some good fiction (or bad fiction or really anything you want. Just enjoy it!)
  3. Enjoy the outdoors. You’ve probably been holed up in the library/coffee shop/your room for the last few weeks, so get outside and enjoy the fresh air (especially good at the end of spring semester). You can take your book outside to read, go hiking, or sunbathing, or swimming. Just get back outside!
  4. Hang out with your friends. If the end of your semester is anything like mine, you’ve probably spent 3 weeks alienating everyone who cares about you. Go spend time with them, preferably doing something that makes you all laugh.
  5. Pack your stuff. Now, this one will not be appealing for everyone. That’s ok. But for some of you, packing might be a really positive post-finals activity because you’re so excited to go home. Enjoy it.
  6. Work out (preferably after sleeping and eating, since you probably didn’t do either while prepping for finals). You might have let working out slip as the deadlines piled on, so get one good workout in before you leave. It can help you release the stress from finals.
  7. Write a blog post. Because really, you’ve probably neglected your blog for weeks (or months). Unless you used blog writing to procrastinate.

What’s the first thing you do when finals are over? If you’re still heading into finals, best of luck! (And what are you doing here? Go study!)

Lyse Links: Golden State Warriors, NPR, and podcasts

I have lots of mini-obsessions. I tend to get on a roll reading about one topic or listening to one type of music or reading one genre. A couple of clear patterns emerged in my reading this week, so the articles I share will be less broad, but more deep. Enjoy!

Golden State Warriors

To be clear, I am a non-sports person. I play soccer, but I don’t pay attention to the goings-on of pretty much any sport in the college or professional world.

But even I couldn’t escape hearing about Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors. They’re the team that’s revolutionizing basketball. The ones who hit 3-pointers more consistently than the entirety of basketball players can hit free throws. They are the much loved and much despised and much copied team of the last year.

If you’re non-sportsy, like me, you’ll probably still enjoy the story behind this team.  Continue reading

Lyse Links: Life-hacking, kiss cams, academic bluffing, & the Internet

I’ve done tons of great reading recently, so I’m very excited to share some of the better articles I found. Enjoy!

  • The 7 Step Evening Ritual That Will Make You Happy — I follow (or attempt to follow) most of these steps in my evening ritual. And I definitely have a ritual! My husband doesn’t. It’s been a bit of a problem. Do you/your partners have a bedtime ritual?
    • Note: if you’re a productivity/life-hacking/sleep geek, like I am, I recommend reading this even though you’ve probably read lots of lists about morning and evening rituals. This one has a few recommendations I hadn’t seen before.
  • Why Your Brain Works Better in Winter – If you’ve been following my blog, you know I don’t like winter. But this article makes a pretty convincing argument that we are sharper mentally during the winter. My grudge against the cold remains nonetheless.
  • This guy totally faked an academic paper – Even though I’m a grad student now (maybe because I’m a grad student?), I’m very skeptical of academia and publication. You should be too. If nothing else, this article is hilarious.
  • Behind the scenes of the kiss cam – This is a cool bts look at arena kiss cams. I was fascinated, even though I’ve been at big games maybe….twice? The kiss cam requires a remarkable combination of technical skill and comedic/dramatic intuition.
    • I was going to link to a funny kiss cam compilation, but the ones I found are of mixed appropriateness and quality. Search for them at your own risk.
  • The Internet isn’t ruining us – If you’re interested in the philosophy of the Internet, attention, and the way technology is changing society, read this article.
  • How to do uncomfortable things – We only grow through being uncomfortable. Use this article as a starting point for pushing yourself to grow this week.

I already have some great articles saved up for next week, so come back next Saturday for another collection of great reading!

Do you have questions, comments, or boiling rage about these articles? Tell me in the comments!

Barnes & Noble’s has a problem and it’s not Amazon

I’ve been a life-long Barnes & Noble’s fan. I pay for a Membership. I have a Nook. I spent a huge portion of my teen years in my local B&N. I order, pre-order, and physically buy dozens of books and e-books from them every year.

I’ve never had to talk to their customer service. Until this last week. And it was awful.

This isn’t a B&N bashing post, so I won’t go into all the gritty details of what happened. But I’m going to list my grievances, because these are fixable things. Continue reading

March Reading Recap

I didn’t recap February because I only read two books.😦 But March was better!

As a reminder, here are some of my reading goals:

  • 150 books total.
  • 50,000 pages.
  • 40 non-fiction.
  • 10 classics.
  • 10 books translated into English (excluding those on my “classics” list).
  • 15 books outside my comfort zone.
  • 22 books off my TBR list.

This month, I read: Continue reading